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Skyline Airways

Skyline provides the most realistic experience

Our primary objective here at Skyline Airways is to provide pilots with realistic as well as enjoyable flying experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Skyline Airways prides itself on offering individuals of all levels of expertise the opportunity to learn and enjoy a simulated airline experience. Whether aviation is your passion, you are looking for a successful and rewarding career in the aviation industry, or you want to develop your current skills and experience in a dynamic and challenging environment. You have come to the right place here at Skyline Airways.

As a member, you will have access to a range of products and services, which are all designed to enhance your experience pleasurable while realistic at the same time. We provide the very best education and training in addition to individual support and advice throughout your time as a member of Skyline Airways.

Although Skyline has a large network covers a vast number of destinations across the world, every pilot is part of our community. Every member is valued for their contribution to our mission, vision and values as a virtual airline.

Why Skyline?

So Many to Pick from

Are you a short hopper? or a long hauler? It's doesn't matter! We have so many routes for you to pick from. No matter how far you wanna fly, or what you wanna fly.

We Care

Every single pilot is valuable to us. Our goal is to provide the best flying experience for pilots of all ability and interest. Yes! you are welcome regardless of your skill.

Best Technology

The most cutting-edge ACARS ever paired with unmatched web technologies, along with an Unlimited Packet Multiplayer server. All for your needs.

Latest Flights

Pilot ID Departure Arrival Duration Aircraft
SL1050 UUEE URKA 01.53 B757-200
SL1000 CYCP CYDL 01.46 B757-200
SL1050 CYCP CYDL 02.02 B757-200
SL1000 KDTW KATL 01.53 B757-200
SL1000 KMSP KSLC 02.43 B757-200
SL1000 KATL KFLL 02.45 B757-200
SL1050 PAJN CYCP 02.24 B737-300

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